Student Self Positioning

In order for a college or university to consider lowering their tuition for a particular student, that pupil must prove to the institution that they are a good investment for the college.  In other words, college is a business and by lowering or discounting the price of their tuition they are essentially investing in the student.  If they are making a decision on an investment they want to research that investment and make sure it’s a wise one.

Here’s where they research what the student has done in the past to position themselves as a good investment for the college.  There are a few factor the college will begin looking at in order to make their determination.

  1. Grades
  2. Test Scores
  3. Community Service

No school is going to invest money in a student who isn’t getting it done in the classroom.  Bottom line.  I don’t have to explain things here too much because we all know that you have to have a certain standard of grades to even be considered into college.  A student that excels in the classroom is probably going to do well in life.

The university is looking to give gift aid to people they think will be a good investment.  What this really means is that they are looking for students that will be successful enough in life to give back in donations to their calm a madder.

College is a business.  No matter how you slice it schools are in this business to make money.  Private and public institutions alike, money is money and this is simply what they do.

Test scores are another aspect they look at.  Obviously higher test schools make a student more attractive to any school.  This may seem like common sense again here and I’d say you’re pretty much right.  They want the brightest and the best students the graduating classes have to offer.

Community service is on that catches many families and students off guard.  It seems maybe a little different that they even consider your student’s civic duties but there’s quite a bit of logic behind it.  Civic duties are things people do on a volunteer basis.  To give back to their communities.  To serve their communities.  They are a donation of time and show a commitment to helping others.

So here’s where the institute of higher learning benefits from evaluating civic duties.  They know that people who are likely to work and volunteer within their communities are also likely to GIVE BACK to their universities.  Year after year these type of students are the ones that donate to the athletic programs and the the alumni associations.

Colleges and universties have been in the business for years evaluating and attracting students to the campuses.  They are all one making ventures and have only increased in popularity and demand over the last couple of decades.  I’d say by now that most of them have a pretty good idea what they are doing now and i’m pretty certain I’ve never heard of a college going out of business or filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  You could say they have a pretty good business going.




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